Ansible for Aurora

NEC provides RPM packages for SX-Aurora. If you feel its intallation is weird or not standard, visit VEOS yum Repository on the Web. Yes, yum repository for SX-Aurora is available!

And we have created ansible scripts to setup SX-Aurora using this yum repository. You can setup Aurora by few commands.


  1. Install CentOS7.5.
  2. Clone
  3. Write inventory file for ansible.
  4. Run ansible-playbook -i hosts.yaml -u root -k playbooks/aurora.yaml to install VEOS.
  5. If you want to install SDK, run ansible-playbook -i hosts.yaml -u root -k playbooks/aurora-sdk.yaml after downloading SDK.

Some other scripts to setup Infibiband, ScateFS, etc are also included. See README for details.