Inastemp supports SX-Aurora Vector Engine

Inastemp, intrinsics as template, is a basic library to use vectorization easily in C++ thanks to template and Intrinsics. Now it supports vector intrinsics for Vector Engine provided by llvm-ve, in addition to intrinsics for X86 SSE/AVX/AVX512, PowerPC ALTIVEC, ARM SVE. With inastemp, you can write highily vectorized code by using C++ template without writing intrinsics directory. It means that you don’t have to learn platform-specific intrinsics and your code runs on various platforms. [Read More]

Release LLVM-VE 1.5.0

We have released LLVM-VE 1.5.0. From this release we have shifted to the mono repo as the official LLVM. The compiler is idential with LLVM-VE 1.4.0. It can be installed from ef_extra repository. % yum install \ https://sx-aurora. [Read More]

Release llvm-ve-1.3.0

We have released LLVM-VE 1.3.0. The rpm packages are avaible.

% yum install \

This release adds some intrinsic functions.

  • _vel_andm_MMMl, etc
  • _vel_insert/extract_vm512l/u
  • _vel_approx_*
  • _vel_pvfmk*

Full function list is available at


LLVM-VE rpm package

As we mentioned in the past post, the rpm package for llvm-ve is now available on VEOS yum Repository on the Web. You can install llvm-ve: % yum install \ The llvm-ve package is all in one package that includes llvm, clang and runtimes. Files are installed into /opt/nec/nosupport/llvm-ve-1.1.0. The llvm-ve-link makes a symlink from /opt/nec/nosupport/llvm-ve to there. You can compile your program like this. % /opt/nec/nosupport/llvm-ve/bin/clang -target ve-linux hello. [Read More]